IChantal Cogar Digital Media delivers a full spectrum of digital marketing. Communication design, photography, video, sound, and more to promote your brand. The first thing is and always will be light. Light deterimines brightness and darkness, but also tone, mood, and atmosphere.

What looks good sells. Acheiving your desired outcome is core to our mission. You don’t become a photographer until you shoot in manual mode. If you are photographing nature, you have no control of your subject, and that’s why it’s essential to know how your manual settings work. When you shoot in manual mode, you are in complete control of what the camera does.


Brand photography tells a story through pictures. We are passionate about telling yours with high-quality, compelling shots. Everyone loves a story, and this brand strategy leverages our photography to influence people and to get the results you want. Let us help you raise your brand awareness.


Video Marketing will boost your leads. A touch of video through ads, tutorials, testimonials, product reviews, and live streams is proven to work. A hunger exists, and is growing rapidly, for stunning video content.


Chantal Cogar Digital Media offers competitive pricing to aspire to win your business. Every project has an individual scope and the cost of each is negotiable as we aim to excel your growth potential.